The Sunday Six (May 13, 2018)

Below are the top men’s fashion sale items for the week, fashion sales now! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive the post directly to your inbox! 

  1. J.Crew Ludlow Cotton & Linen BlazerJ. Crew – There’s something magical about this blazer. I’m not sure if it’s the pacific blue color, the linen/cotton mix of fabric or the fact that it’s only $168.00. This blazer will elevate your entire spring / summer wardrobe. Click here – $168.00.
  2. Calvin Klein Gris Two-Button Pique Interlock JacketCalvin Klein – Continuing with the blazer theme, here’s another great spring / summer blazer. This blazer is going to be more casual than the blazer above with the jersey knit material. It also has the patch pockets making it more casual. This blazer will feel more like you’re wearing a sweatshirt (which is positive for every day wear and comfort)! Original price $198.00. Click here – on sale now $79.99.
  3. Cole Haan Harrison Grand WingtipCole Haan – Cole Haan makes a great shoe, especially when it’s on sale for under $150. This classic wingtip actually has a rubber sole instead of a leather sole (see you couldn’t even tell), which will make it great for all weather conditions. Original price $220.00. Click here – on sale now $139.90.
  4. 1901 Trim Fit Seersucker Short Sleeve Sport Shirt1901 – A seersucker short sleeve short is a summer must-have item. I’ll never stop praising the short sleeve button down. It’s classier than a polo, but more casual and keeps you cooler than a long-sleeve button down. Original price $59.50. Click here – on sale now $35.70.
  5. Gucci 53MM Square SunglassesGucci – Gucci, Gucci, Gucci, what more is there to say about these sunglasses? But seriously, you can’t go wrong at this price. Original price $350.00. Click here – on sale now $99.99.
  6. Hugo Hugo Boss Camiel Double-Breasted JacketHuge Boss – Yes, this is why you buy a jacket now for next season. Because it’s on sale for over 50% off! This stunning dark brown double breasted jacket will sit in your closet until fall, but it will be brand new and ready to go! Original price $745.00. Click here – on sale now $349.99.

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