The Sunday Six (March 25, 2018)

Below are the top men’s fashion sale items for the week! These are the fashion sales now. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive the post directly to your inbox! 

  1. J. Crew Slim Thompson suit jacket in lightweight flex woolJ. Crew – The J. Crew Factory store has some great items on sale occasionally and this is one of those times! Spring is here and this lighter blue blazer can be an easy go-to for weddings or the office!  Original price $268.00. Click here – on sale now $199.00.
  2. Topman Single Breasted TopcoatTopman – This single breasted top coat will not be put away during the warmer months! It’s actually a cotton top coat, which will be a much lighter weight jacket, great for cool days. Original price $120.00. Click here – on sale now $80.00.
  3. Magnanni Saro Leather Wingtip DerbyMagnanni – Sizes are selling out quick and it’s pretty obvious why. This is a beautiful wingtip shoe. The mid-brown color makes it easily wearable all year round. Another great reason to buy this shoe is the minimalist rubber sole. You wouldn’t know it’s rubber, but it’s just as dressy as a leather sole shoe. The sole will give you the traction you need if it’s raining or snowing! Original price $325.00. Click here – on sale now $162.50.
  4. Barney's Originals Real Leather Four Pocket JacketASOS- The minimalist black leather jacket that you’ve always wanted! It appears to be unstructured which will help reduce the break-in period and also makes it light enough to wear in the spring time. The zippers on the sleeves is a nice touch. Original price $429.00. Click here – on sale now $139.00.
  5. TailorByrd Classic Sport CoatTailorByrd – Here is another great looking blazer on sale! It’s hard to tell the material, but take a gamble and see how it fits! TailorByrd has some great quality products and according to the one review, it’s a great buy! Original price $239.97. Click here – on sale now $149.98.
  6. J. Crew Flex Bedford dress chinoJ. Crew – Dress chinos are a great way to elevate your wardrobe, especially the trimmer fit. Dress chinos are cotton, so they can easily be washed vs. having to deal with the dry cleaners. Original price $64.50. Click here – on sale now $39.99.

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