Why I Started FashionSalesNow.com

Why I Started FashionSalesNow.com

Thanks for checking out FashionSalesNow.com! You can read a brief overview of why the website was launched and a bit about me here in the “WHO IS @DAPPERPROFESSIONAL?” section, but I wanted to provide a more detailed explanation for anyone interested.

If you have been following since I launched the @DapperProfessional Instagram and DapperProfessional.com website, then a sincere thank you! The constant encouragement and frequent communication with my followers is a main reason to remain motivated.

The Dapper Professional ‘project’ started as a unique way to combine several personal passions: social media, website development, photography, and fashion. What is not so obvious anymore is that Dapper Professional was originally focused on affordable and quality products. In fact, the Style Guide I originally created on DapperProfessional.com still generates about half of the website’s traffic. I have kept it updated, but it’s definitely a lot different than the blog posts I write.

Something I have always enjoyed is scouring website’s sale sections to find the best products at the best price. Questions about deals and where to shop are my top asked questions. Most of my early DapperProfessional.com posts are primary examples (e.g. The Best Suit $200 Can Buy). I actually still recommend that suit to anyone who asks about the most affordable suit.

As DapperProfessional evolved, I choose to pivot countless times to bring my following the content that would continue to perform the best. Learning Instagram has definitely become a full-time job, even though this entire time I have also remained 100% focused on my professional career as a consultant. Yep, that means a lot of early mornings, late nights and working most weekends.

In an ideal world, I would be able to bring fresh content to DapperProfessional.com everyday that features the clothes I am wearing, what I am buying and the professional photography to go along with my recommendations. Unfortunately, time is always a constrain, but it’s never an excuse for not accomplishing a goal. So, now you might be able to connect the dots on why I launched FashionSalesNow.com.

I shop sales all the times, I have become a go-to fashion expert for not only the 100,000 followers, but also family, friends and anyone I end up talking to when I am shopping. Combine all of that with my attention span of the 1 year-old version of myself, and that is FashionSalesNow.com

The goal is to shop for you by searching all the sales to find the best products I would recommend at that point in time. The sales don’t last forever, so I am committed to at least weekly updates to start.

I appreciate the continued support. Any and all feedback is always highly encouraged (click here to contact me). I am excited to bring to you a faster pace of shopping content!

Dapper Professional in Chicago
Dapper Professional in Chicago

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