Who Is @DapperProfessional ?

Dapper Professional showcasing his professional style in Chicago.

Benjamin founded Fashion Sales Now in 2018 as a subsidiary of his Instagram account @DapperProfessional and website DapperProfessional.com. Benjamin has grown his @DapperProfessional Instagram following to over 100,000 followers since the launch in 2015. What products do you recommend? What should I buy right now? What’s a good deal? These are all questions Benjamin receives regularly from his following.

Fashion Sales Now¬†features the best sale item from top retailers and niche brands that have been hand selected by Benjamin. Shopping online is and always has been a nightmare, trying to sort through thousands of sale items and having no clue if you’re picking the right product and getting a good deal. Cut through the clutter of online sales and discount websites by visiting Fashion Sales Now to find the best men’s fashion sales at the best prices! Benjamin does the shopping for you, so all the items are already approved by a fashion expert! And, don’t worry, his stylish girlfriend approves all the products prior to the post going live to ensure he’s not being biased.

Our attention span online is virtually nothing and this website was built with you in mind. Each post might take about 30 seconds to scroll through and the post features 5 items varying in price point. There is a brief write-up on either styling the product and/or explaining why it was picked and the link. Shopping for you also helps prevent Benjamin from buying everything awesome he finds, since he receives the same satisfaction in providing product advice to others as he does shopping for himself!

For any and all questions, contact us by clicking here! Enjoy Fashion Sales Now!