Fashion Sales Now (November 30, 2018)

Below are the top men’s fashion sale items for the week, fashion sales now! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive the post directly to your inbox! 

  1. Tommy Hilfiger Gene Knit BlazerTommy Hilfiger – A nice knit blazer is a great way to wear a blazer for a casual occasion. They are super comfortable as well! The red detailing on the lapel is a huge plus and typically only found on custom blazers. Original price $395.00. Click here – on sale now $119.99.
  2. Allen Edmonds Stowe LoaferAllen Edmonds – Any time there is a good Allen Edmonds deal I’m posting it here. The quality just can’t be beat! The detailing on these loafers is super classic and I’m a huge fan of tassel loafers. Original price $275.00. Click here – on sale now $139.00.
  3. J. Crew Athletic-fit lightweight garment-dyed stretch chinoJ. Crew – A stretch pair of chinos will become your new best friend, especially an athletic fit pair from J.Crew! These are lightweight, which is why they are on sale. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear them year-round! Original price $68.00. Click here – on sale now $33.99.